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April 28th, 2011

Effects On Your Child By Cyber Bullying
Kids who are bullied by any one regardless if it is via computer or face to face can experience the effects of day to day abuse. When bullying continues over a long period of time there are going to be some physical as well as some emotional effects.

12-yr-old flies to have sex with gamer
ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) - It started when they met playing an online video game; it ended after police say he paid to fly the child nearly a thousand miles to have sex. The girl's mother told News 13 that she's been trying to get 18-year-old Alex Trowell away from her daughter for eight months.

Suit threatened for alleged bullying at Seminole Trails Elementary
The parents of a child who says he was bullied by a student are threatening to sue the Palm Beach County School District, saying the school punished their son as much as the boy accused of bullying him.

In 3 years, 24K sex offender profiles deleted
ALBANY -- In the three years that the Electronic Security and Targeting of Online Predators Act has been law, it’s been credited for removing more than 24,000 social networking accounts and profiles set up by registered sex offenders.

New school act targets bullies (Canada)
EDMONTON - School bullies, beware. The new Education Act won’t tolerate your behavior anymore.The act, also known as Bill 18, was introduced Wednesday in the Legislature and, if passed, would give schools the ability to expel or suspend students for bullying that occurs on or off school property.

Facebook opened up to school teachers (AU)
NSW public school teachers have been granted permission to use Facebook, Twitter and other social media in the classroom. Students are still blocked. It was the former Labor government that decided teachers should be able to access social media from yesterday, which was the first day of the second school term for students.



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