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April 23rd, 2011

St. Charles middle school students arrested for making threatening video
Four middle school students have been arrested and turned over to juvenile authorities for making threats toward another student in a YouTube video.

Schoolboys caught 'sexting'
A group of Rotorua teenagers have been counselled by police after inappropriate "sexting" messages were discovered on a boy's mobile phone.
A Rotorua police officer was called to investigate inappropriate images found on a schoolboy's mobile phone last month. 

Facebook predator unmasked

Natalia Burgess, 28, of Mangere in Auckland, has assumed multiple false online personalities to form internet relationships with teenagers.
Her identity has so far remained a secret as she stayed hidden behind a web of online personas.

Police: Ex-cop sent photos to minors
A former Bridgeville police officer is accused of sending photos of male genitalia to undercover agents who he thought were teenage girls. The state Attorney General's Office on Tuesday charged James Radermacher, 48, of Bridgeville with three counts of unlawful contact with a minor and criminal use of a computer.

Facebook hacker posts stolen pics on porn site
A 26-year-old man faces 13 felony charges after being accused of hacking into Facebook accounts, stealing photos of young women and posting them on porn sites, reports the Kansas City Star.

Kirsten Ostrenga has life turned upside down after creating internet celebrity Kiki Kannibal
A TEENAGE internet celebrity has told of how she quickly became the target of teen-trash talkers, stalkers, hackers, predators and profiteers. Rolling Stone magazinereports that life for Kirsten Ostrenga, otherwise known as "Kiki Kannibal" began onlineand quickly grew into the most intimate of betrayals.



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