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April 25th, 2011

Defending the Anti-Bullying Law in New Hampshire
Not only has the newly elected conservative majority in the New Hampshire legislature tried to repeal marriage equality, they are also taking aim at the anti-bullying bill that passed with bi-partisan support in 2010.

Rick Holmes: Sexting and the law
Sexting - sending naked photos of oneself to acquaintances through cell phones and computers - is a phenomenon that comes at the intersection of technology, modern culture and bad judgment.

Bullying: Complex Social Problem That Hits Parents Hard
Most research on bullying has focused on its effect on children, for the good reason that children bear the brunt of the suffering. But parent reports suggest that Dolan's emotional reaction isn't unusual.

Effects of ‘sexting’ can be costly
‘Sexting’ leads to a number of problems that cannot be deleted,” said Dan Blair, a licensed clinical professional counselor and founder of Blair Counseling in Crystal Lake. “These pictures can be used later by someone to gain power and cause pain.

Hernando teen starts anti-cyberbullying club at school
Hernando High student Sarah Ball, a cyberbullying victim, is trying to do something about it. The 16-year-old set up a club at her school called Hernando Unbreakable. She's raising awareness, working to stop cyberbullying, and offering support to victims through the club's Facebook page.

Bullying sends kids to nurse for more than injury
NEW YORK, United States - Both bullies and their victims take more trips to the nurse's office than other students - but not just for the obvious reasons. In a new study published today in Pediatrics, kids involved in bullying were more likely to see the school nurse for illnesses and non-medical symptoms, in addition to injuries.

In Child Sex Case, More Facets Than Meet the Eye
PARIS — The site was called, and on it the authorities say they found thousands of lurid comments, including conversations about performing sexual acts on boys sometimes barely out of infancy.



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