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April 1st, 2011

Nevada bill cracks down on school bullies
The Senate Education Committee is set on Friday to hear SB275, which expands the definition of bullying to include single acts and not just habitual teasing. It also makes a first bullying offense a misdemeanor, a second offense a gross misdemeanor, and a third offense a low-level felony.

Police can detect computers accessing child porn
Halton police say technology is helping them pinpoint predators in their war on child pornography. A one-second snapshot of Internet use on Wednesday morning showed six Oakville computers, seven in Burlington, four in Halton Hills and five in Milton were accessing child pornography sites at that moment, said Det.-Sgt. Brad Cook.

Counselors at Lake Dallas school following suicide incidents
LAKE DALLAS - Students and staff members at Lake Dallas Middle School are visiting with grief counselors after a 7th grader boy reportedly tried to commit suicide at the school on Thursday. Extra counselors from the district are on hand along with those who have volunteered from the Lewisville ISD and Denton ISD.

Man charged with sexting 14-year-olds
21-year-old West Virginia man is charged with offenses related to allegations that he sent sexual text messages and made unwanted sexual advances — including inappropriate touching — to two underage girls when he lived in Union Bridge.

UPDATE: Cumberland Valley teacher accused of sexting student
local teacher who is accused of sending inappropriate messages to a studentwaived his preliminary on Friday.

The Cumberland Valley High Schoolteacher, Timothy Colistra, 34, sent text messages and e-mails to a 15 year old female student. The relationship was discovered by the father who took one of the e-mails to police. Colistra is currently not teaching, but Cumberland Valley has not suspended him.

Suspect faces sexting charge
Fort Payne police charged a suspect Friday with sending pornographic material to a child. Police charged Robert Lynn Phillips, 48 of Fort Payne, with attempted production of pornographic material on a minor child.

Woman sues city, officer in sexting case
A Perry Township woman is suing the city and a police officer who sent her nude and sexually explicit photos of himself and lewd text messages in the days after her 2009 drunken-driving arrest, which was later dismissed.

Stranger sends explicit emails, child pornography to 11-year-old,0,6445508.story?track=rss
Bloomington police are trying to track down a cyber predator who they say sent explicit emails and child pornography to an 11-year-old girl. "She came to my husband and said 'Dad, someone I don't know is sending me something I feel very uncomfortable with,'" said Mindy.

Officials: Collegeville man charged with unlawful contact with minors after sending porn online
COLLEGEVILLE — A Collegeville man was arrested after allegedly contacting numerous undercover agents he believed were young teen girls on the Internet and sending them pornographic images, including those of himself.



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