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April 11th, 2011

Online Safety
Cyberbullying at the elementary school level is typically boy to boy due to the higher percentage of boys who play online games as opposed to girls.

Safety on the Internet: How to protect your children
Keeping kids safe online is no easy task in an age of growing screen time, both on computers and mobile devices like smartphones. These simple tips and ideas make it possible to protect children without cutting off the Internet entirely.

Student victims of gay bullying have allies in D.C., lawsuits
After a rash of suicides linked to bullying in public schools, gay and lesbian students are punching back like never before. Armed with lawsuits and legislation, they're finding some powerful allies as they demand an end to the harassment.

Bullying to become a crime in Australia
Bullying is set to become a crime for the first time in Australia as concern grows at the rise of abuse that has destroyed lives and driven workers and teenagers to suicide.

Bill would expand anti-bullying and cyber-harassment protections
A proposed bill aimed at protecting school children that would expand the legal means of bullying, including internet harassment and intimidation, has been introduced into the Nevada Legislature. Senate Bill 275 is sponsored by Sen. Sheila Leslie, D-Reno and Sen. David Parks, D-Las Vegas.

Bullying May Cause Long-term Social Anxiety, Study Finds
We all know that bullying is unpleasant, but new findings suggest it could lead to long-term social anxiety for the person being bullied.

Case of bullied Ohio student sent to federal court
An estate case involving a bullied teen who killed himself is being sent back to federal court by the Ohio Supreme Court. The court decided it didn't have jurisdiction over the case of 17-year-old Eric Mohat. At issue in the oral arguments heard Feb. 16 was whether claims made by Mohat's estate could proceed in federal court.

Westporter faces child porn possession charge
Kevin Hill, 47, of 31 Rayfield Road, surrendered to police on April 8 after a police investigation reportedly revealed that he had downloaded child pornography from the Internet.

Reisterstown family claims school fails to protect son
Long before the sixth grader arrives at Franklin Middle School in Reisterstown, his mother says the alleged verbal and physical abuse is already well underway. Law says she’s not sure if her son, 11-year old Aaron, drew the ire of other students because of his size, his animated demeanor or his penchant for making good grades, but she wants it to stop.



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