About AnonymousTips.com

Register your law enforcement agency or school and give children
facing potential danger a means to tell someone who can help!

As a community service, AnonymousTips.com is providing a completely anonymous email capability for people to send leads and tips to, schools, local police departments and/or government agencies.

Although some agencies may have anonymous tip submissions on their Web sites, AnonymousTips.com's system is independent of any district or government, so informers can be confident that they are protected from being identified. The sender will be able to visit the AnonymousTips.com site, find the agency they want to notify, and send the information at no charge and with no possible exposure.

If you are an authorized representative of a local police department or agency, and would like to use AnonymousTips.com at no cost to collect anonymous tips, please register today!

Use AnonymousTips.com
to receive important tips on:

Bullying & Other School Related Problems
Cyberstalking, Sexting or Internet Harassment
Child, Domestic or Other Forms of Abuse
Terrorist, Gang or Drug Activity
Any Type of Suspicious or Illegal Activities

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