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May 9th, 2011

More parents lenient about young Web use: poll
NEW YORK (Reuters) – Despite age restrictions on some social media sites, the number of U.S. parents who would allow children 10-12 years old to have a Facebook or MySpace account has doubled in a year, a new survey showed.

Man gets federal prison time for attempting to molest children
A former Gastonia drug store manager was sentenced to a decade in federal prison for setting up a rendezvous in which he intended to molest two young boys.

Bullying incident erupts in violence: 14yo girl charged
CHARGES are expected to laid against a group of high school girls, after a bullying incident erupted into an violent fight that was recorded on a mobile phone. The incident at Inverell has already resulted in a 14-year-old girl being arrested and charged by police in relation to the incident.

School bullying widely underreported
It's been three years since Florida passed a groundbreaking law requiring schools to do a better job of identifying and reporting bullying. But the data collected so far indicate schools are falling short — and producing unreliable numbers.

Survey Shows Half of Minnesota Students Are Bullied or Have Bullied
ST. PAUL, Minn. - A Minnesota survey finds that there's more than a 50 percent chance a student in state schools has been involved in bullying, either by bullying others or being the victim of bullying.



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