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April 30th, 2011

House to debate 2nd reading on anti-bullying legislation
Texas house members are expected to take up the second reading of anti-bullying legislation this week. This, following the Senate passage of a version last week. The bill would put a preventative approach in public school districts across the state.

Bullying policy advances
Flagstaff Unified School District officials are set to write an entirely new policy to address bullying, and the school board wants to ensure it imparts a sense of urgency. Administrators tasked with examining the policy have added a definition of bullying -- one does not currently exist -- and suggested timelines for reporting and investigation. It also expanded protected groups to include issues of sexuality and gender.


Anti-bullying website to launch within a month
NORTH SYRACUSE -- They call themselves the Anti-bullying Brigade of New York and, within a month, plan to launch an anti-bullying website. Dr. Cynthia Roundy said the final logistics of the website are being worked out at the moment, but Saturday night -- members of the brigade met for a photo shoot at the steps of CNS Junior High School. Those photos will appear on the website, along with the group's motto: protecting human dignity one person at a time.

Lackawanna County Man to Walk 600 Miles for Anti-Bullying
Scranton, Lackawanna County - A Lackawanna County man is getting ready for the walk of his life. George Ewing starts a 600 mile journey Monday to raise awareness about bullying. George Ewing is carrying his message about bullying from Scranton all the way down to Greensboro North Carolina.

Dare2Care gala unites community against bullying of gay teens
The first annual Dare2Care -- Unite Against Bullying -- Fashion Gala was put on by the Human Rights Campaign, a national lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender civil rights organization. Nickie Antonio, of Lakewood, the state's first openly gay representative, talked about pending legislation she co-sponsored that would spell out in school policies that harassment, intimidation and bullying based on sexual orientation or gender identity is prohibited.




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