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April 14th, 2011

Calif. Senate passes bill mandating gay history
The state Senate has approved legislation that would require California’s public schools to include gay history in social studies lessons.The bill, sponsored by Democratic Sen. Mark Leno of San Francisco, passed Thursday on a 23-14 vote. The measure now goes to the Assembly.

Neighbors say bullying led to teen's death
INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) - A tragic accident, or the result of bullying? That's the question in the death of a 13-year-old west side Indianapolis girl hit by a car near a neighborhood park.

Google staff convicted over teen-bullying video
A Milan judge convicted three Google employees of violating the privacy of an autistic teen because the Internetgiant sought profit when it hosted an online video of him being bullied.

7-Year-Old Samantha Shaw Gets Plastic Surgery To Prevent Bullying (VIDEO) – Huffington Post
Good Morning America" continued its exploration of all-things-plastic-surgery on Thursday, interviewing seven-year-old Samantha Shaw, a first grader from South Dakota who recently went under the knife to pin back her cup ears and fix a fold on her right ear.

Rapist sentenced in Pa. for plot to bully victim
BRISTOL, Pa. (AP) — A convicted rapist will serve an additional 23½ to 47 years in prison for orchestrating a plot from behind bars to intimidate his victim.The sentence imposed Wednesday by a Bucks County judge will run consecutive to the 15- to 30-year term Preston Piazza is already serving for raping the teenager in 2004.

Columbia County approves new, stricter bullying policy
Tuesday afternoon Columbia County board members approved a strict new policy against bullying. Three strikes and you're out. If you're caught bullying another student in Columbia County schools, you will soon face big trouble.



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