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April 12th, 2011

State Senate considers new offense for juvenile sexting
HARRISBURG -- Bills to make significant changes to the juvenile justice system, including creating a new offense called "cyberbullying and sexting," plus one aimed at avoiding any repeat of the Luzerne County "Kids for Cash" scandal, took a step forward today.

11yr Old Suicide from Bullying
This is only a heads up on a very sad story out of Estevan, Saskatchewan (Canada). I do not wish to file a separate ireport but would hope someone from CNN follows up as this is a very tragic story of an 11 year old girl from the city that hung herself this weekend after continual bullying.

Pressure on family to return 'bullied boy' to school (UK)
A CHISWICK boy with learning difficulties has been kept off school for more than two months because of bullies. When 12-year-old Glenan Gunnings, of Strand on the Green, Chiswick, returned home from Lampton school with a gash in his hand after being pushed over, his sister and mother decided it was the “last straw”, and they wouldn't stand for it anymore.


Former principal gets one-year in prison for sexual assault
Judge Jeffrey Kalmakoff closed his sentencing of Joseph Patrick Glasser on March 31 in Estevan provincial court, requiring him to serve the next 12 months in a provincial correctional centre. The 64-year-old Estevan resident previously pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a 14-year-old boy and former student 35 years ago.

Should Your Kid Get a Cell Phone
Data from the Pew Internet and American Life Projectindicate that tweens and teens will own a cell phone is practically a given, with around 75 percent of 12- to 17-year-olds toting a mobile device. In 2004, less than half of that age group owned phones.

Kids sending 3,000 texts a month
A recent series of high-profile cyber bullying cases in Nova Scotia revealed how much time young people spend online and texting. Students at a Halifax school said it's not unusual for them to send 3,000 texts a month. The average Canadian sends about 200 texts a month.

Local group wants to end bullying
MICHIGAN CITY — Almost every parent has a story about their children being bullied at school. A group of Michigan City mothers wants to end that.



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