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March 22nd, 2011

Bullied Girl May Get A Marked Record For Fighting Back
A 12-year-old Princeton Middle School student was black and blue with bruises a few months ago after she took matters into her own hands and fought back against her bully in the school’s bathroom.

Senate bill would enforce bullying policies

Bullying-it's a problem in our schools and a problem that changed Debbie Lance's life forever. The Dallas mom says her son had been bullied since the second grade.

Colorado House approves bill to reduce bullying in Colorado public schools
DENVER — The Colorado House of Representatives on Tuesday approved a measure designed to reduce incidents of bullying in Colorado public schools.

Youth Helpline Receives Staggering Number of Bullying Calls
Lisa Von Pier, who is from the state Department of Children and Families, was one of several officials who took part in a press conference designed to raise awareness about the 2nd Floor Youth Helpline. What they revealed is that the increase in calls about bullying is staggering.



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